Qtum (QTUM)

$3.950 ( 2.110)

Qtum (QTUM) price as of now is $3.950 and has a circulating supply of 88975640.000 QTUM coins. Qtum’s Market Cap is at $351,559,960.00. Qtum price saw a rise of 2.110 % today. The Qtum price at the moment is $3.950. If you bought $200 today, you would get a total of 0.024386 QTUM.The trading volume of Qtum (QTUM) for the last 24 hour period is $93181306.051. If you are looking at Qtum as a possible investment option, then have a look at our predictions for the coin. If you want to be up to date with Qtum’s progress, then add this page to your bookmarks.

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Qtum Live Price

Here you can see the price at which Qtum started the day, the current price, and the highs and lows it reached during the day.

Price USD Opened High Low
$3.95 $-1.65 $19.05 $-7.25

Qtum Market data

You can get all the latest market data about Qtum here. Qtum's current market cap is $351,559,960.00 and the circulating supply is $88,975,640.00 QTUM’s.

Market Cap Current Supply Maximum Supply
$351,559,960 $88975640.000 $100975640.000

Qtum Markets

This is where you can trade and buy Qtum. $93,181,306.05 volume traded in the past 24 hours. These are the top Qtum (QTUM) Exchanges.

Volume rank Pair Ask Price Ask_Size
1 SNT/ETH $0.00 9100.00
2 BTC/CAD $8,484.21 0.01
3 EDO/USD $1.23 25.81
4 EOS/USD $5.47 811.60
5 ETH/JPY $23,431.00 5.00
6 EOS/JPY $615.85 811.60
7 EOS/EUR $4.75 811.60
8 EDO/USD $1.23 25.81
9 ETH/JPY $23,431.00 5.00
10 BTC/EUR $5,589.01 2.09

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